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Soprano Titanium Hair Removal

The Art of Smooth Skin Tried, tested and trusted by top physicians – with terrific results!

Soprano is a world-class, clinically proven hair removal system used by leading physicians in premium clinics across the globe. It is safe, superior and enables significantly faster hair removal than ever before.

Why Soprano Titanium?

We just made the best even better. Soprano Titanium, the best laser hair removal in the market today. a breakthrough in hair removal, combines ultimate functionality with unparalleled comfort.

Quick & Comfortable Treatment
Pain Free
Safe and Effective
All Shades and Seasons
Clinically Proven Worldwide
Alma's 3D Technology
IcePlus Cooling System for Extra Comfort

What’s in the Box?

The Leading Most Efficient Hair Removal Solution Treating Millions of People in Clinics All over the World

Picture Yourself in Silk

Introducing the best laser hair removal treatment available today: a virtually pain-free, highly effective solution that gets rid of your unwanted hair quickly and safely.

Millions of people around the world have already discovered the amazing benefits of Soprano. Thanks to Alma’s unique 3D technology and patented IcePlus cooling system, you can now get soft, satiny skin more quickly and comfortably than ever before.

Isn’t it time you took a walk on the smooth side, too?

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What Doctors Say? Above and beyond any other system on the market today

I am very pleased with the results I am able to achieve with the Soprano Titanium.
Besides for the high efficiency and safety record, which are the base for any hair removal treatment, there are additional features, such as the unique Quattro applicator, which set it above and beyond any other system on the market today.

Dr. Pablo Naranjo MD, PhD,

Medical Director of Elite Laser
Clinic & Laser Unit at NISA Hospital, Madrid, Spain

“Thank you @kp_aesthetics_clinic and it really is totally pain free. After 5 treatments (every 6-8 weeks) I am now pretty much #HairFree and no longer need to shave or wax! " @mrscmcguinness
" I have one more treatment left on each area and already all my hair has basically gone. It’s completely pain free, it just feels warm on your skin. " @kadymcdermott

Alma Soprano

Alma is a world-leading provider of energy-based solutions for the surgical, medical aesthetics and beauty markets, delivering cutting-edge technologies to our partners and customers. We are firm believers in the power of science, redefining the industry through an endless desire to innovate and drive the global industry forward.

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